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New rules for travelers entering into Denmark

The new rules effective from February 7th - 28th, 2021: All travelers entering Denmark will be submitted to mandatory testing upon arrival to Denmark and they will be required to subsequently isolate for 10 days.

The new rules

• All persons entering Denmark via airports from the age of 15 years old will be submitted to mandatory testing at the airport. All travelers will be contacted upon arrival.

• Travelers who arrive via sea or land border from the age of 15 years old will have to present a negative test that is no more than 24 hours old at the time of entry. Furthermore, they must obtain a new rapid test or PCR-test no later than 24 hours after entry into Denmark. (This only applies to foreign citizens. Not Danish residents or persons holding a Danish residence permit).
• All entrants must isolate for 10 days upon the arrival. The isolation may be broken after a negative PCR-test taken no earlier than the fourth day after entry.

Testing of foreign citizens

As a foreign citizen, you can obtain a test at the region’s rapid test locations or a PCR-test at one of the region’s test facilities. 

How to obtain a PCR-test as a foreign citizen

You can get a PCR-test at the test-facilities listed below.
You do not have to book a timeslot for a test, but you have to provide documentation for travel outside Denmark for at least 24 hours before entry. You also have to provide documentation that certifies your stay in Denmark will last for more than 24 hours after entry.
You will be required to provide a valid ID (i.e. passport), state your name and phone number for  the Danish health authorities to be able to reach you, if it turns out you have COVID-19. If that is the case, the Danish health authorities will contact you within 48 hours.


• Esbjerg
Randersvej 42, 6700 Esbjerg

• Frøslev
Testcenter Sønderjylland, Frøslev via Hermesvej, Sønderjyske Motorvej 765, 6330 Padborg

• Kolding
Kokbjerg 1A, 6000 Kolding

• Kruså
Testcenter Sønderjylland, Kruså, Flensborgvej 13C, 6340 Kruså

• Sønderborg
Testcenter Sønderjylland, Sønderborg - SSI, Ellegårdvej 16, 6400 Sønderborg

• Vejle
Tysklandsvej 4A, 7100 Vejle

• Odense
Testcenter Odense, Billedskærervej 15, 5230 Odense M.

• Svendborg
Testcenter Svendborg, voksne BLÅ indgang, Norgesvej 2, Tved, 5700 Svendborg. (Enter via ”BLÅ indgang”)

• Aabenraa
Testcenter Sønderjylland, Aabenraa - SSI, Skånevej 5, 6230 Rødekro

How to obtain a rapid test as a foreign citizen

You can get a rapid test at the test-sites listed below.

The rapid test does not require documentation for a stay outside Denmark for at least 24 hours. You will get the results on-site within 15 minutes.


• Esbjerg
Limfjordsvej 3, 6715 Esbjerg N

• Kolding
Ålegården 2, 6000 Kolding

• Odense
Ørbækvej 101, 5220 Odense SØ

• Rødekro
Vestergade 14 (Bygning 7), 6230 Rødekro

• Svendborg
Johannes Jørgensens Vej 10 (Midtbyhallen), 5700 Svendborg

Isolate if you become infected with COVID-19

If you are or become infected with COVID-19, you should do the following:

• Isolate at home until you have had no symptoms for 48 hours
• Pay extra attention to hygiene and cleaning
• Notify people you might have infected
• Contact the nearest general practitioner or the emergency doctor services +45 70 11 07 07.

Exemptions to the new rules

The new rules effective from February 7th, 2021, on testing and isolation do not apply to:

• Travelers with permanent residence in border regions such as Schleswig-Holstein

• Travelers who frequently commute across the border for work.

Also, foreign citizens who travel into Denmark for to perform work, provide goods or services in or out of Denmark, or who have another recognizable purpose will also not be covered by the isolation requirement while they are performing the recognizable purpose.

Testing of Danish citizens

If you are a Danish citizen, you will have to use the usual test opportunity provided by The Region of Southern Denmark. Find more information on the testing of Danish citizens on our website here.

For more information and details, please go to: Cronasmitte.dk which is the joint website of the Danish authorities, where individuals and businesses can find current information, advice and knowledge about COVID-19.

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